Link Building & Link Earning

Powerful link building methods that go beyond SEO

Every website has the potential to get links - sometimes its a case of extending the content to earn links, sometimes promoting the current content because people would link to it if they only knew about it!

We create a bespoke link strategy with every clients which is completely open in its content. There are no 'secret methods', spammy link schemes, Private Blog Networks, pointless blog commenting or trashy articles in this approach.

We start by looking at two possibilities - Link building and/or Link earning

Link building

There are numerous possibilities that we consider. Here are just a few:

  • Follow links
    • The Skyscraper technique - what links have your competitors got? Do you, or could we create, better content than them and then approach the websites that link to them with a proposal that they should also link to you.
    • Broken link searching - many websites contain broken links to sites which no longer exist. We find the relevant sites with the broken links and approach those webmasters proposing yours instead.
    • Guest blogging - works if it is done right just as professionals write guest columns for newspapers and magazines.
    • ... and the list goes on.
  • No follow links
    • Partnering links - which other websites could you swap links with and the resulting traffic would benefit you both?
    • Blog commenting - high quality comments on popular blogs can drive large numbers of the right visitors straight to your site.
    • Reputable article sites - we'll assess the possibility of getting your content referenced from, or incluuded in, sites where people actually go like Wikipedia.
    • ... and much more.

Link earning

Creating the kind of content that internet users will want to link to gives you genuine links today and tomorrow. We can assist with text content, video creation, slideshows, timelines, infographics and a whole host of other formats

The right link strategy for your website

What we do, and how we do it, will all depend on your current website. We'll work with you to formulate a plan which gets you links that help you rank and links that bring in the right visitors.